Use My Savings To Pay For What??

Think about this. The so called incredible debt that Republicans are so deathly scared of was run up by – Republican Policies. Remember that Reagan tripled the debt with his form of Keynesian economics – pumping money into the private sector through military buildup. He did raise taxes a bit, with a co-operative congress. Bush Senior ran up his share of debt, but without paying for it. So the country kicked him out and slowly Clinton reversed his policies and the debt. Taxes went up and the economy recovered.

Then the Demon Spawn became president and the country put it all on the credit cardwhile cutting taxes for the rich. And the Republicans set their policies in such a way that repealing them would be quite hard. Thus when Obama becomes president, the profligate policies can’t be changed even though the Republicans are a decided minority.

But even though they totally obstruct anything that will improve the debt and the economy, they position themselves to become the biggest whiners about the debt that they themselves actually caused. Maybe some of you out there have heard that there was actually a study done at the end of the Clinton presidency to determine if the US government should actually pay off the whole debt? What would the ramifications of a debtless government be? How could we sell treasury bonds which are actually debt instruments, for instance. At 2000 rates, the debt was scheduled to be retired in 2009. Remember what was 2009 really like?

So the Republican Party jacked up the debt with a combination of 2 unpaid wars, low taxes for the wealthy and a gift to the drug companies that was unreal. All put on the credit card. But now the “serious” Republicans want to pay for this tomfoolery. But do they want to do it by stopping wars? By negotiating drug prices? By raising taxes on the rich. In other words by reversing the idiot policies that got us here?

Hell no. They have a better idea! You know that money that you and I have saved over our working lives? That money that the government took out of our paycheck and promised would be ther when we would retire and would maybe need some help? And you know that pot of money we all contribute to so that when the oldest and most disabled among us are sick and need help, we have some saved back? You know what I am talking about. Social Security and Medicare.

Yep, that is the Republican plan. Spend their way into poverty and never ask anyone to pay for it at the time. Then when it is politically expedient, they cry. But when asked for a solution, they don’t look to the ones who benefited, they look for suckers who will give all their savings to them.

Think of it like this: While you work hard and save your money you neighbor parties every night and pisses away every nickel he earns and more. OK, now it comes time for him to pay some bills or he is on the street. So he comes to you for help. But he doesn’t ask for help. He instead claims that if you don’t save his ass, he will ruin your life through various means such as rumors, innuendo and outright trashing your property. If you don’t stand up to him, he will carry out his plan.

It is definitely time to stand up to these clowns. Throw them out and clean up the neighborhood. If you don’t think they will do something like this just look at who they ran for president. A man who made his wealth by doing something quite similar in the private sphere. Let your congressperson know: Keep your hands off my SS and Medicare. Tax those who have trashed our house and have made a mint doing it!

Obama; No Longer Negotiating Himself!
One of the best pieces of news this week is that the President will no longer give away the house as an opening bid with republicans. Now he will sit back and hear their offers first. Hallelulia! Go ahead, Republicans, what do you want to steal from us? Time for you to pony up so we can all let you know what we think.

Rice: Not Even Nominated
Amazing what the corporate media can drum up. Susan Rice has not been nominated nor even mentioned to replace Hillary Clinton as yet. However, the coporate media have already hung her. Of course they are led by Fox and follow like sheep. Whatever the reasons, it is without a doubt one of the most shameful I have ever seen. Senators Graham, McCain, Ayotte and Collins really look like bought and paid for puppets and little else. Their families and states should be ashamed. Let us hope they get what the deserve when their seats are up.

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