AFL-CIO, Scott County Dems: Romney Should Level With Voters

Please Join AFl-CIO President Ken Sagar and Scott County Democrats in Press conference tomorrow at 12:00PM

AFL-CIO President Ken Sagar and Scott County Democrats Will Ask Romney to Level with Voters in Iowa

On Monday, instead of finding themselves on the receiving end of Romney’s usual platitudes and criticisms about what’s wrong with America, Iowa Democrats and labor leaders are asking Mitt Romney to level with voters and provide specifics about his plans.

What: Press Conference with Iowa AFL-CIO President Ken Sagar and Scott County Democrats
When: Monday, October 29, 2012, 12pm
Where: The Corner of 210th Street and 130th Avenue/Wisconsin Ave, Davenport, IA

“Throughout this campaign, Mitt Romney has shown that he will say anything to get elected. And now with only nine days left before Election Day, he is attempting to simply run out the clock by refusing to offer specific details on how his plan will actually create jobs in Iowa, and that’s unacceptable,” said Ken Sagar, President of the Iowa Federation of Labor. “Mitt Romney’s candidacy stands in direct contrast with President Obama, who has implemented a balanced and straightforward plan that places a priority on manufacturing, the auto industry, expanding the wind industry and preventing a tax hike on middle class families.”

Contact: Michael Hunt, Communications Director, IDP

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