Des Moines Register Endorses Christie Vilsack Over Birther Candidate

The Des Moines Register yesterday endorsed Steve King’s opponent Democrat Christie Vilsack to represent Iowa’s 4th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“..we are reminded why the Kiron Republican should not be representing Iowa in Congress.  King seems to amuse himself by being as partisan and vitriolic as he can be. He has had 10 years in Washington to cultivate his inner-statesman, but he has failed to do so. It’s time for Iowa to make a change.”

So if you live in Iowa’s redistricted 4th and you are just now getting to know the real Steve King here is a pretty good video to summarize.  Although why the WHO-TV interviewer replied only with “uh-huh” when Steve King denied that he is a birther and then said that he is aware of no evidence that President Obama was born anywhere other than Kenya, is hair-pulling craziness. It’s bad enough to have a crazy congressman but having a complicit media is also problematic. Perhaps the two problems are related?




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