Steve King’s Voting Record On Medicare And Social Security

published in the October 17 Fort Dodge Messenger

To the editor:

I read with interest Congressman King’s interview in The Messenger Oct. 5. He stated that he supports the Medicare drug benefit. But on July 11, 2012, on HR 2560 Roll Call Vote No. 606, which would lower prescription drug cost by closing the doughnut hole Congressman King voted against it.

The 4th District of Iowa is the smallest district with the number of residents in it but the largest number of seniors in it. 21.2 percent of the residents in the 4th receive Social Security benefits. The 4th District is rated fifth in the nation with the number of seniors by percent in a district; yet Congressman King seems to vote against seniors more than for them.

On H CR 34 Roll Call No. 277, which would created a fast track process for Social Security cuts and privatize Medicare with a voucher system, Congressman King voted “yes.”

H J 48 Roll Call vote No. 178, which would bar the use of funds to develop or implement a system that would cut Social Security or Medicare benefits, Congressman King voted “no.”

H R 1315 Roll Call No. 620 which would add language that would ensure Consumer Financial Protection Bureau authority to issue rules to protect seniors from abusive, deceptive or unfair practices Congressman King voted no.

H R 830 Roll Call No. 170, which would add language that would authorize the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs to determine what amount of funds would be necessary to provide assistance to seniors who own homes, Congressman King voted “no.”

It used to be that as parents we wanted better for our kids than what we had. But on almost every vote to change Medicare to a voucher system for our kids Congressman King voted “yes.”

If seniors in the 4th District keep voting for Congressman King and expect their lives to get better remember that when you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result it will not happen.

It’s time to get King out of the house. Vote for Christie Vilsack.

Dale Struecker, Fort Dodge

published in the October 17 Fort Dodge Messenger

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