Rep. Latham Should Repay Bailout Funds

Speaker Boehner is one of Mr. Latham’s “closest friends.”

A note from Progress Iowa:

It’s time for Tom Latham to pay us back.

For weeks, Congressman Latham has been ducking questions about involvement in his family bank’s decision to accept a $2.4 million loan, part of the financial bailout passed in 2008 — a loan which has never been paid back. And if failure to repay the loan wasn’t enough, Latham’s personal investment in the bank is now worth up to $5 million and supported by us the taxpayers – and he won’t tell us what he knew.

We’re through waiting for answers from Congressman Latham. Now we just have one simple request: pay back the Latham Bailout.

Join us today by visiting Read the latest news about the Congressman’s investment, the unpaid loan, and sign our petition calling on him to pay back the Latham Bailout!

When Latham’s family bank, Green Circle Investments, accepted their $2.4 million bailout in 2009, it was just one year after Congressman Latham voted against the bailout. He even issued a press release, asking:

“Why is Washington so quick to focus on the needs of Wall Street at the cost of those responsible Iowans who have sacrificed, saved and spent within their means? No wonder real America has lost faith in Washington.”

Now, Congressman Latham is in a unique position to help restore our faith, by making sure we get our money back.

Visit to join us today, and tell Tom Latham we want our money back.

Thank you for all you do,
Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa

P.S. Be sure to visit and sign the petition today, then forward this message to your friends. We’ll be sharing breaking news and opportunities to take action with everyone who joins us!


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