This Week On The Fallon Forum: The Coming Proliferation of Hog Confinements

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Dear Friends,

Monday, we talk about the Defense Budget. We’ll also discuss the foreclosure crisis and housing trends with realtor Joe Henry. And May 21st, being the 4th anniversary of my Dad’s passing, I’ll share reflections on the life of a first-generation Irish American whose story continues to inspire me, and many others.

Tuesday, Rich Eychaner joins me to discuss what his foundation is doing to address bullying in our schools. I also hope to have some on-the-ground analysis about the G8/NATO summit and protests in Chicago. And if time allows, we’ll take a look at a new report showing that floods in Iowa are on the rise.

Wednesday, Andy Shaffer and I dig into the details of JP Morgan losing $6 billion in just 2 weeks . . . and other Wall Street financial shenanigans.

Thursday, we’ll set the table with a smorgasbord of food issues: (1) Should soda be taxed?, (2) A new study finds that healthy food is no more expensive than junk food, and (3) When Cargill, DuPont, and Monsanto pledge millions in food aid to struggling countries in Africa, is it really about benevolence or profits?

Friday, a wave of new hog confinements is breaking out across rural Iowa, and we talk with some of the people whose lives will be most directly affected. We also weigh-in on the latest DeCoster scandal, and hope we can do our small part to send these corporate criminals to the big house. And if I can pull it together, I hope to offer a spirited debate on ethanol by opposing viewpoints.

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Thanks! – Ed

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