This Week On The Fallon Forum: The Fallon Anti-Confusi-Tron (FACT)

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Dear Friends,

I’m activating the Fallon Anti-Confusi-Tron (FACT) today to clear-up some persistently bad information. Occupy Des Moines is not – repeat, not – going to disrupt the Iowa Caucuses. The plan is to occupy presidential candidates’ headquarters. Big difference.

The Occupy movement isn’t just about corruption on Wall Street. It’s about corruption on K Street, in Congress and in the White House, too. Most important, it’s about an abuse of corporate and government power that have joined forces to affect the biggest transfer of wealth in planetary history — a transfer from you and me to the thinnest slice of America’s elite.

Every four years, Iowans have a unique opportunity to help select the two major parties’ nominees. We also have a responsibility to hold them accountable. To this end, Occupy Des Moines is organizing a “People’s Caucus” on December 27th and inviting folks from across the country to participate. Then on December 28, 29 and 30, people will occupy the candidates’ campaign headquarters until we receive a better response to the movement’s grievances or, more likely, until we are forcibly removed.

ACTION ALERT: If the National Defense Authorization Act’s provision on citizen arrest passes the U.S. Senate this week, we will see our freedom and liberty erode even further.  The bill “passed the Armed Services Committee essentially in secret, without even a single hearing on their radical and seemingly Soviet-inspired proposal.” Click here to read Shahid Buttar’s analysis in “Truthout,” go to the link at the end of the article to take action, and encourage our senators to support Senator Mark Udall’s amendment to strike the anti-liberty language.

Monday, Charles Goldman and I discuss Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons program and whether it is “the greatest foreign policy failure of the Obama administration,” as Mitt Romney claims.

Tuesday, State Representative Dan Kelley (D-Newton) is my guest.

Wednesday and Thursday, there’s so much to talk about:

– The National Defense Authorization Act (see above)
– The latest Occupy Wall Street developments
– The Republican presidential candidates’ meanderings
– Why the cost of Thanksgiving dinner rose 14% (got this from Glenn Beck, so not sure if it’s true)

So, tune in at 98.3 WOW-FM and online. You can download the Fallon Forum as a podcast, too.  And don’t forget to visit The Fallon Forum website at  Thanks!


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