Sunday Funday – So You Think You Know Wall Street?

Wall Street is always in the news. Sometimes, it is the main focus of the news as it has been quite recently. But for most of us Wall Street is more of a concept and not an actual place. Here are some questions about the real Wall Street and the concept of Wall Street.

1) This fictional character is most easily recognized by his quote “Greed is good.Greed Works.” This Character is…..
a) Jay Gatsby
b) Charles Foster Kane
c) Gordon Gekko
d) J. R. Ewing

2) What county of New York is Wall Street actually located in?
a) Kings County
b) New York County
c) Queens County
d) Richmond

3) The financial district that is called Wall Street is how many blocks long in reality?
a) eight blocks
b) twelve blocks
c) it is just a block long
d) five blocks

4) The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) consists of how many companies?
a) 1000
b) 250
c) 30
4) 90

5) What company currently on the DJIA has been listed for the longest consecutive period on the DJIA?
a) General Motors
b) General Electric
c) Procter and Gamble
d) Exxon-Mobil (as Standard Oil)

6) Before the stock market actually existed, traders and speculators would meet under a certain tree to trade securities. That tree is memorialized in the name of the agreement that founded the NYSE. What was the name of that Agreement?
a) The Oak Tree Agreement
b) The Chestnut Agreement
c) The Butternut Agreement
d) The Buttonwood Agreement

7) Which President was inaugurated on Wall Street?
a) George Washington
b) John Hanson as President under the Articles of Confederation
c) John Adams
d) James Madison

8) When was the Dow-Jones Industrial Average started?
a) 1867
b) 1896
c) 1909
d) 1917

9) Other countries trade stocks also. Where is Canada’s stock exchange located?
a) Montreal
b) Ottawa
c) Toronto
d) Vancouver

10) China is recently in the game also. What is the largets stock exchange in the PRC?
a) Beijing
b) Guangzhou
c) Hong Kong
d) Shanghai

I bet many are wondering just what is the market capitalization of the world’s stock markets? The best number I could find was @ $50 Trillion. That’s a lot of stocks, folks. Of course that number rises and falls daily.
These answers are worth at least two shares of Bank of America —

1) c) Gordon Gekko in Wall Street of course.
2) a) Kings County aka Manhattan (NYC is made up of 5 NY counties)
3) a) The financial district is 8 blocks, between Broadway and South Street in Lower Manhattan)
4) c) the DJIA consists of 30 companies. If you are curious which ones, here you go
5) b) General Electric (continuously since 1907)
6) d) The Buttonwood Agreement
7) a) George Washington’s first inaugural was on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street.
8) b) officially October 7th, 1896
9) c) Canada’s largest stock exchange is the Toronto Stock Exchange
10) d) Shanghai is slightly larger than Hong Kong and ranks at #5 in the world behind NYSE, NASDAQ, Tokyo and London

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