Will FrancisThicke Run For Secretary Of Agriculture Again?

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Since the election …

Dear Friends,

Since the election I have had opportunities to visit with many of you who supported my campaign for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. I appreciate your words of encouragement to continue my work to help create a sustainable food and agriculture system just as I appreciated your support during the campaign.

Three Questions

There are three questions that I am repeatedly asked:

1) What have I been doing since the election?

2) Will I run again?

3) How am I doing on retiring the campaign debt?

So I would like to give you a brief update.

Keeping Active in the Community

Since the election I have continued speaking on sustainable food, agriculture and energy to a wide range of audiences, from college classes to conferences and workshops, in Iowa and beyond. For example, in the coming couple of months, I will be giving keynote addresses at four out-of-state conferences. I am enjoying further exploring and developing the messages I laid out in my run for Secretary of Agriculture. Also, my book [A New Vision For Iowa Food And Agriculture] has been used as a textbook in at least four college classes.

Will I run again?  

That is difficult to answer now – it depends on what transpires in the next couple of years, and on the nature of the political arena then. What is certain is that I will continue working to help create a sustainable food and agriculture system, whether my efforts are educational or political. In any case, I probably will never leave the political arena completely behind – recently I have been asked to talk about the future of Iowa agriculture and energy at two county Democratic Party events — to which I enthusiastically agreed.

Campaign Finance Update

The campaign debt still lingers, and ended up larger than we initially thought, due to campaign management oversights. We still have outstanding debt of about $20,000. I very much appreciate that a number of you contributed to debt retirement since the campaign which has been very helpful. Thank you!

Anyone who wishes to contribute to our campaign debt retirement can do so by sending a check to:  Thicke for Agriculture, 1745 Brookville Rd, Fairfield, IA 52556. Thank you very much!

It has truly been a great pleasure to have met you and so many good people during the campaign. You give me optimism for the future of our state and country.

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Francis Thicke
Thicke for Agriculture

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