This Week On The Fallon Forum: Politics, Religion And Twinkies

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Dear Friends,

It’s been over fifty years since JFK had to reassure voters while campaigning for President that, if elected, he would not take orders from the Vatican. But times have changed. Now, instead of “don’t worry, my faith won’t interfere with my service to all Americans,” it’s “don’t worry, I’ll pursue no policy that doesn’t pander to my religion.”

There’s Rick Perry and his cozy relationship with members of the New Apostolic Reformation. There’s Michele Bachmann and her unabashed Reconstructionist views. In fact, many if not most Republican candidates for higher office feel compelled to assure voters they have been called upon by God to run.

Meanwhile, a plurality of Republican voters are suspicious of the Mormonism of Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. Some even feel that Barrack Obama’s faith — real (Christian) or imaginary (Islam) — disqualifies him as a legitimate leader.

That’ll be the focus of Tuesday‘s show, when Charles Goldman and I discuss everyone’s favorite holiday dinner topic: religion and politics.

Monday, we talk about with Sonia Ashe of the Iowa Public Interest Group about her group’s “Apples to Twinkies” report, documenting the link between our tax dollars and America’s growing obesity problem. We also talk with Martha Hennessey, granddaughter of Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker movement.

Content for programs on Wednesday and Thursday are still in the works.

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