Welcome to Iowa City, Gov. Perry

When I arrived at Hamburg  Inn No. 2 this afternoon, I walked up just in time to hear a staffer tell a CCI member that Texas Governor Perry would neither be taking questions or speaking.  He would go in, have a  milkshake, and leave.  They had a schedule.  Trying to look presidential.  And it is all about appearances, after all.   I don’t know what actually happened after I left, maybe he broke down and said a few words.  I hope so because people need to know what he’s all about if they’re thinking of possibly voting for him.  Don’t like Social Security?  Vote for Perry! Don’t like Medicare? Rick’s your man!  Want to have another George W. Bush in the White House only possibly worse?  Vote for Rick Perry!

Anyway, here’s some photos of the day, clearly as many photographers, onlookers and anti-Perry people as there were Perry people.


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