Culver To Johnson County Dems: “We’re gonna win… I don’t care what the pollsters say”

Culver To Johnson County Dems:  “We're gonna win… I don't care what the pollsters say”

by Trish Nelson

Today the Johnson County Democrats held their annual fall fundraiser and Governor Culver, Dave Loebsack, Michael Mauro, Sue Dvorsky, Tom Miller, Francis Thicke, and the full slate of Johnson County electeds were fired up and ready to go. 

 Deeth's blog“'In
35 days we're gonna win this election,' he told Johnson County
Democrats gathered for the county party's annual fall barbecue. 'I don't
care what the pollsters say, I believe in you, the voters.' (These
particular voters, perhaps; the state's Democratic stronghold gave
Culver 68 percent support four years ago.)

Blog for Iowa was there enjoying the day before hunkering down and spending October in campaign mode.  Here we are with the Guv!

Dick Meyers was there to take no prisoners and pass the hat.  He recalled when Governor Vilsack was 20 points behind Lightfoot at the 32-day mark.

Sue Dvorsky,  Iowa Democratic Party chair, delivered one of the finest fired-up-ready-to-go speeches I've heard.

All of the speakers emphasized that the stakes are high in this
election, and much will depend on Johnson County getting out the
Democratic vote. 

My representative, Mary Mascher spoke of the importance of voting early.  She asked everyone present who had voted already to raise hands, and it seemed like about a third of the crowd had already voted. 

Here's the Johnson County electeds. 

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller's message was simple:  “Elections matter.”  Indeed.

So, now is the time to head down to your county Dem HQ and volunteer some time to help elect Democrats.  You can find contact information for your Democratic county chair here.    

Go to to find out where and how to vote early in your county. 

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