Health Care Reform Update: Online Resources on the Health Care Reform Law

Health Care Reform Update: Online Resources on the Health Care Reform Law

by Alta Price, M.D.

Although we know the general components of the new legislation, it will take some time to become familiar with the details. Fortunately, there are some good websites you can visit for more information. This article from the Washington Post “Online resources for information on health-care reform” is a good place to start.

The first two websites mentioned in the article are favorites of mine. The first is the Kaiser Family Foundation website. This website is so good, staffers at our local Congressional office refer us to it for information on health care reform legislation.

Families USA is a healthcare consumer advocacy group that has been working on health care issues since 1982. They are held in high esteem by our leaders in Washington, D.C. I’ve attended two of their annual Health Action Conferences, together with sometime-blogger Karen Metcalf, and have found them very useful. Keep an eye on their website for useful information on the new law. 

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