Local Community Radio Bill Now in House of Representatives

Local Community Radio Bill Now in House of Representatives

The Local Community Radio Act is a bill currently in the House of Representatives that will allow local communities non-commercial access to the publicly owned airwaves.  

Cory Fischer-Hoffman, Campaign Director of the Prometheus Radio Project, and Mike Doyle (D-PA) spoke about the Local Community Radio Act on Democracy Now! this morning

Doyle stated that the bill is popular, bipartisan, and has a broad base of support.  The opposition (primarily National Association of Broadcasters, whose technical concerns have been proven unfounded, allowing the bill to move forward) has so far been silent, and they expect the bill to pass, but they remain cautious.  Doyle stated that they have been working with National Public Radio on changes to the bill that will address its concerns.

Rep. Doyle said there is a companion bill in the Senate [S.592].  They would like to get the bill passed by the end of the year.  Co-sponsors of the Senate version are:  Durbin, Feingold, Leahy, McCain, Merkley, Sanders, Schumer. 

Congressmen Loebsack (D-IA-2) and Latham (R-IA-4) have signed on as co-sponsors of this bill.  Congressman Braley (D-IA-1) supports the bill and is on the committee that passed it earlier this month.  Rep. Boswell and Sen. Grassley are on record opposing net neutrality, so who knows what they're thinking about local community radio.

There are 86 cosponsors of the House bill.  Democrat Leonard Boswell is not one of them, so he definitely needs to be contacted.  Steve King is not a co-sponsor either.   If conservative GOP congressman Tom Latham and progressive Democrat Dave Loebsack can be in  bipartisan agreement about passage of this important bill, there is no reason Boswell, King, Harkin and Grassley cannot also support it.

Fischer-Hoffman and Doyle emphasized that it is of utmost importance for citizens to contact their members of congress this month and make sure they support the bill.  

**BFIA Action Alert**

Call your congressman and senators to make sure they vote for the passage of the Local Community Radio Act because the radio waves belong to the people and community radio will serve the “public interest, convenience & necessity.”

Boswell:  DC – 202-225-3806 / Des Moines: Iowa Toll Free: 1-888-432-1984

King:  DC – 202-225-4426 / Creston 641-782-2495 / Council Bluffs 712-325-1404 / Spencer 712-580-7754 / Sioux City 712-224-4692 / Storm Lake 712-732-4197

Grassley:  DC – (202) 224-3744 /Cedar Rapids 319-363-6832/Council Bluffs 712-322-7103/Davenport 319-322-4331/Des Moines 515-288-1145/Sioux City 712-233-1860/Waterloo 319-232-6657

Harkin:  DC –  202-224-3254 / Sioux City:  712-252-1550 / Dubuque 563-582-2130 / Des Moines 284-4574 / Davenport 563-322-1338/ Cedar Rapids (319) 365-4504/

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