Ryan J. Davis: Howard Dean For HHS

Ryan J. Davis: Howard Dean For HHS

Ryan J. Davis, Huffington Post

Tom Daschle's withdrawal leaves an opening at Health and Human Services. Howard Dean is the man for that job.

Dean isn't given enough credit for his expert chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. His “50 State Strategy” is as responsible for Obama's large victory in 2008 as any other factor. Not to mention the 2006 congressional gains. He rebuilt the grass roots of the Democratic Party from the ground up, organizing a whole generation of young leaders.

His record as a two-term governor of Vermont is strong, including providing near-universal heath coverage. During his gubernatorial reelection bid, he had to wear a bulletproof vest because of death threats he'd received due to his support for gay civil unions.

Personally, Dean inspired me enough in 2003 that I moved to Vermont to work for him. He was one of the early voices of reason (followed by Gore and Obama) in the Democratic Party, opposing the war in Iraq. His 2004 campaign's use of the Internet changed the face of American politics forever.

Dean, also a medical doctor, would be an inspired choice for secretary of Health and Human Services. His knowledge of the issues plus his openness to innovation make him uniquely qualified. Join us on Facebook in support of the good doctor!

Blog for Iowa could not agree more. The only thing worse than Dean's being overlooked for HHS in the first place was Obama's trying to appoint Daschle to the position–a player who lives in the pocket of Big Pharma.

President Obama, you went out of your way to heal the rift between your team and the Clinton people, but then did nothing to heal the despicable way that the progressives have been treated in your party.  You need to get over Rahm's hatred of Howard Dean and do the right thing NOW, now that you have another chance.  Calling Dr. Dean.  We need you!

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