Nolte Campaign Decision for 2008

Nolte Campaign Decision for 2008

By Mark Nolte

Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you all well.   This
is a tough note to write, but I have decided that I will not be seeking
the Democratic nomination for the State House in District 89 in 2008.

weighed all the options and reflecting on the last year, it became
clear that my first priority right now needs to be with my family, as a
provider and as a husband and father.   The last year was very difficult for us on many levels and I have some catching up to do with those I care about.
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well, it was very disheartening to me to learn that the party
leadership is only supportive of candidates who are willing to accept
special interest money and who serve to feed the larger machine.  I
didn’t get into this to be a fund raiser, I got into this to serve my
state and spread the message that special interest groups are stealing
our democracy.    As I think back on all the
events, the countless doors knocked and the conversations with so many
great Iowans, I know it made a difference.    Right
now I can be of the most benefit on the outside; helping to spread the
message and gain the public support we need to take our government back.    I
will have my political career and continue fighting for the things I
believe in to improve our state and country, but it is going to have to
wait a bit. </>

I cannot begin to thank you all for your support, kindness and friendship.  I look forward to seeing you all soon and helping candidates I support through this next election cycle.    

<>Thank you again, </>
<>God Bless

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