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Steak Not Cake

Dear Friends, This weekend, I attended a most incredible, eclectic gathering of around 2,000 farmers, rednecks and environmentalists. People arrived via pick-up truck, Prius and Harley. They came to support Lee County landowners fighting to stop the Bakken pipeline. If … Continue reading

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Fallon Forum: Ostrich Society

Dear Friends, The propensity of humans to pretend all is well when it’s not is hardly new. Look back 2,600 years, when Jeremiah warned Israel of impending doom at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, only to be ridiculed and ignored. Closer … Continue reading

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Fallon Forum Fair Fun And Foibles

Dear Friends, (Check out and “like” my Facebook Page for pics, videos and impressions of the presidential candidates . . . and for updates on my exploits with chickens and organic gardening). “Hey kids! Forget the pony rides. This year, … Continue reading

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Bakken News From Ed Fallon

Dear Friends, Good news in the battle to stop the Bakken Oil Pipeline! Landowners and attorneys have formed the Private Property Rights Coalition (PPRC) to take the fight to the courts. PPRC’s lawsuit maintains that “the Iowa Utilities Board has … Continue reading

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Pledge To Mobilize

Dear Friends, America urgently needs a heroic, collective response to climate change. We need the kind of mission-driven national mobilization that fired-up our country during World War II. A new initiative called the Pledge to Mobilize gives people a clear … Continue reading

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Ed Fallon On The Road To Paris

D-Day March & Pilgrimage for Climate Action LA to DC walkers continue trek to Paris for UN Climate Summit DES MOINES — On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, two men who last year walked across America for action on climate change … Continue reading

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This Week's Fallon Forum Lineup

Today’s Fallon Forum features five topics and four great guests: 1. “Treating Customers Like They’re Stupid” with Maisie Ganzler, of Bon Appétit Management Company; 2. “Greece: Democracy in Action or Chaos?” with Ayman Amer, Economics Professor at Mt. Mercy College; … Continue reading

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Des Moines Shaken As Fallon Threatens Squirrels

DES MOINES–In a move with few precedents, former legislator and crusader for social and environmental justice Ed Fallon has threatened to subsist on squirrels and weeds. Either that or seek work with a major corporation–his email, written in obvious frenzy … Continue reading

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The Fallon Forum: Mistaken Identity

Dear Friends, My phone rings. It’s a number I don’t recognize. I’m gardening, and my hands are happily adorned with rich, black soil. Bad time for a phone call, but I answer anyway. “Hello, this is Frank Durgin,” a voice … Continue reading

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The Fallon Forum: Bakkening The Caucus

fallonforum.com Dear Friends, {Reminder: FILE A PETITION TO INTERVENE ON THE PIPELINE! You have until July 27 to get the full volume of your voice heard in Iowa Utilities Board deliberations on the proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline. Click here for … Continue reading

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