Democrats Highlight Positives In 2023 Legislative Session

From our inbox:  Here is a summary by Iowa House Democrats of the 2023 session which has been called “the most harmful and destructive in our state’s history.” 

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When the 2023 Iowa Legislature began in January, Democratic lawmakers focused on putting people over politics by acknowledging that Iowans are tired of politics as usual and vowed to listen to Iowans.

Democrats heard from many Iowans this session who were frustrated by Governor Reynolds and Republican lawmakers continuously playing politics with people’s lives, which included:

  • Vouchers to shift money from public schools to private schools (HF 68)
  • Taking away food from kids and seniors (SF 494)
  • Rolling back child labor laws, and allow minors to serve alcohol (SF 542)
  • Stripping power from state auditor to allow waste, fraud, and abuse of state taxpayer dollars (SF 478)
  • Banning books in public schools & instruction on AIDS/HIV and HPV vaccine (SF 496)
  • Consolidating the Governor’s power while eliminating workplace & retirement protections for some workers (SF 514)
  • Writing LGBTQ+ Iowans and families out of history and public schools (SF 496)
  • Freezing funds for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices at state universities, which also support Iowa businesses (SF 560)
  • Banning parents from deciding on healthcare for LGBTQ+ kids (SF 538)

Democratic legislators worked on a host of bills this session that received overwhelming support from across the state, including lowering costs for Iowans, investing in public schools, protecting reproductive freedom, and legalizing marijuana. Here are just a few highlights of bipartisan work that got done this session:

  • Property tax relief for seniors, vets, middle-class Iowans, and those on a fixed income (HF 718)
  • Suicide hotline number on student ID cards (HF 602)
  • Expand access to healthcare in rural areas by designating facilities as Rural Emergency Hospitals (SF 75)
  • Expand mental health services via a multi-state counselor compact (HF 671)
  • Increased penalties for human trafficking crimes and sexual exploitation of a minor (SF 84, HF 630)

Before session begins next January, Democratic lawmakers will be touring the state and knocking on doors to listen to Iowans about what’s important to them.


House Democratic Leader Jennifer Konfrst is back this Tuesday, May 16 at 7pm to give you an update on the end of the 2023 Legislative Session and where we go next.

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ADDITIONAL TOWN HALLS SCHEDULED: We are continuing our town hall tour! Reminder that this weekend, Saturday, May 20, we will be in the Quad Cities at 1pm. We will also be in Muscatine, Clinton, Washington, and Fairfield in the coming months!

PEOPLE OVER POLITICS: Iowa House Democrats fought hard and offered common sense ideas to improve the lives of Iowans. We’re going to keep listening, speaking out, and putting people over politics.

NEW STATE REP. ADAM ZABNER REFLECTS ON FIRST LEGISLATIVE SESSION: “Attacks on trans youth, taxpayer money for private schools, and an erosion of oversight in state government are just a few of the backward steps that Republicans took this session.”

WATCH LEADER KONFRST’S END OF SESSION SPEECH: House Democratic Leader Rep. Jennifer Konfrst gave her end-of-session speech where she reflected on the divisive agenda pushed by GOP leaders, and highlighted the places where we could and did find some common ground.

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2 Responses to Democrats Highlight Positives In 2023 Legislative Session

  1. Edward Fallon says:

    Not a word about eminent domain, water quality, CAFOs. Democrats are settling in for a long stint as the minority party.


  2. A.D. says:

    Seriously, not a single word about water quality? I’m depressed but not surprised to see no mention of climate change, CAFOs, eminent domain, or any other of Iowa’s serious environmental issues. But not even water?

    Any legislative candidate who knocks on my door is going to get an EARFUL about water quality. I live amid the rowcrops that are causing so much of the problem. Not all rural Iowans are red.


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