Attend Virtual Event With Media And Democracy Expert Bob McChesney

Tuesday, May 9 6pm CDT Thought leader and inspiring Professor Bob McChesney will speak with the Media and Democracy Project! Professor McChesney authored “Rich Media Poor Democracy.” He is an expert on media and democracy issues – we will discuss with him his proposed solution to the “local journalism crisis” called the Local Journalism Initiative. We will ask him to discuss the impacts of Fox and NewsCorp on American media and democracy.
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ACTION #1 Your FCC is still non-functional since the smear campaign that sabotaged Gigi Sohn’s confirmation. Her candidacy and the best interests of the American people were undermined by Right Wing extremists, Big Telecom, and by Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ / Fox propaganda media empire.

So what can you do to help get a functioning FCC?
Call President Biden and ask him to “nominate a public interest-minded candidate for the FCC that is a champion of Net Neutrality, and supports affordable BroadBand access for all.”
White House Phone: 202-456-1111, or comments 202-456-6213 &

View our FCC Quick Guide for more information on your FCC.

Want to be a superstar to #FixMediaNow? Here is our bi-weekly guide with additional actions you can take.

n the news…
We are still watching how the media reports on the Dominion vs Fox lawsuit. Unfortunately, most media folks have framed the story as, “Fox viewers made Fox hosts lie” – which masks the intentional unreality fabricated by Fox propaganda over decades. Also under-reported is the relative small size of the Dominion-Fox settlement for the parent Fox Corporation (currently valued at $17.5Billion) and the likelihood they will get to write off some/most of it. We’ve got work to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work calling out “reports” that blame the viewers of Fox as opposed to the masterminds behind Fox.

Media Accountability Corner:
ACTION #2  Make certain that Media Coverage of the corruption of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas continues to be reported on – and accurately.

Please write Letters to the Editor / outreach to media organizations/journalists to hold them accountable with your feedback. Make sure the media reports on the corruption of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his hyper-partisan wife Ginni Thomas. It is worthy of front page news and further coverage and should not be buried – as is Ginni Thomas’ under investigated alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021 coup attempt.

Our Media and Democracy Hero of the Week: Jen Reitman
Please read this powerful piece by Jen of DAME Magazine – calling attention to the immorality of neutral media coverage and calling for media orgs to apply a lens of morality to coverage of issues such as abortion rights, gun violence and racism.  “The actions of elected officials, the lies knowingly told on Fox, the billionaires’ dark money.  What they’re doing is not simply advancing their policies via “politics,” but rather fueling a wholesale movement of immorality. It’s time the media start to frame it that way“.
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