This Is A Full-Blown Five Alarm Emergency

Kim Reynolds is sad because she did not get her “own” state auditor in the November election. So why not just strip the office of its official powers?  Please read, sign and share this urgent action alert from Rob Sand.


This is a full-blown, 5 alarm emergency. Tuesday night, Iowa’s Republican-controlled State Senate quickly PASSED a bill to gut my office’s ability to do its job.

Here’s what the bill would do:

  • The Auditor’s office only gets documents showing wasteful spending, fraud, and abuse when the agency committing it, plus a person appointed by the Governor agrees to let us have them. Yeah, it’s as absurd as it sounds.
  • Ends our access to the Iowa court system, making it that much more difficult to hold guilty parties responsible. The decision of the agency and the person is final! No appeals! We’ve used the courts to fight for you before. No more, if this passes.
  • Jeopardizes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, and the state’s credit rating, by limiting our ability to actually conduct required audits. In fact, a bipartisan coalition of nearly 30 government oversight leaders came together in just a single day to review the bill and determine exactly that.

This is nothing more than an attack on our system of checks and balances, patricia — we CANNOT let this happen. Will you please add your name to my petition calling for the legislature to block this bill ASAP?


Make no mistake about it: Insiders who want to end our ability to discover corruption and enable waste, fraud, and abuse are doing this because I’m fighting their cronyism, and my office serves as a check on the government’s use of YOUR tax dollars.

If they gut the State Auditor’s office, corrupt insiders would have a blank check with no accountability or oversight…unless they want it. LOL. Sob.

Please add your name right now. Can I count on you to have my back so we can protect checks and balances in Iowa?


One last thing: Can you please share this petition on social media and tell your friends and family? We need a huge outpouring of support to defeat this bill. Here’s a link you can share:

Thank you,
Rob Sand

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