Watch This Week’s Blue Statehouse Alert Live

This week on the Blue Statehouse Live Jennifer Konfrst thanked everyone for the difference you all are making by participating – particularly if  you showed up at the rally at the capitol on Sunday. Dems “will continue to push for love and freedom even if Republicans want to take those things away,” Konfrst said.

But in my view this was the smartest, most important and spot on of all the comments Leader Konfrst made. If activists could do this, it would go a long, long way to get us on the road back to sanity.

“As always I would encourage you to ignore Republican content on social media on these bills…an example… over the weekend I posted a picture of me with my favorite banned books… R’s started fighting in the comments with my supporters about book banning and the fighting [more than tripled] the number of likes I normally get.. so the fighting in the chat had the opposite effect of what R’s wanted because it gave more eyeballs to my post… the same is true for Republicans.. we don’t want to share their content…we want to make sure we’re engaging with only Democratic content because we’re never going to win the fight on social media and all we’re doing is amplifying their message.. it backfired for them and it will backfire for us.”

Meanwhile, 74,495 people signed a petition against a bill to ban gay marriage in Iowa.  It is a huge win that two bills to ban gay marriage are dead this legislative session. That’s the good news. Listen to the FB Live below or on the House Dems FB page to learn how to kill the rest of the R’s legislative agenda.

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