Konfrst: “They Just Can’t Stop Punching Down”

Watch this week’s very informative and hopeful! Blue Statehouse Alert Live below or on the Iowa House Democrats’ Facebook page.  Dems are strategizing and getting their act together. Listen to the Live and find out how.

“Days like today, I’m going to be honest, are really tough. It’s hard to continue to see what they’re doing, listen to what they say, and to realize that they’re going to make progress on this legislation.

However, these bills have not made it to the floor so we can still fight them and can still stop them. So that means reaching out to legislators, letting them know you oppose this legislation and making your voices heard. These aren’t just anonymous groups of people they’re talking about.. these are neighbors.. these are friends.. these are kids. ” – Jennifer Konfrst

This week Jennifer Konfrst had to inform Republicans who accused Democrats of saying “the sky is falling!” that 134 schools have closed since Republicans took over. Show Jennifer some love. Contact a GOP legislator today.

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