How To Support Those Affected By Club Q Shooting

From our inbox: A message from OneIowa

We are in mourning this week after the mass shooting at Club Q, one of the few LGBTQ-safe spaces in Colorado Springs. Five people were killed, and at least 18 others were injured. We stand in solidarity with all of those impacted by this senseless act of violence.

These acts do not happen in a vacuum. We understand that this can only occur when people are told that LGBTQ people are “dangerous,” “depraved,” or, as one Iowa lawmaker said in a debate this year, “a malignant sarcoma” that needs to be “removed.”

The increasingly irresponsible rhetoric from those who hold positions of power motivates these acts of extreme hatred and violence. Unless and until we end this climate of anti-LGBTQ hate, we will be mourning again next year and the year after.

To support those affected, Club Q has requested donations be sent to the Colorado Healing Fund, which will help those directly affected by this tragedy.

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