Flip Your Ballot And Vote No On Reckless Gun Amendment

Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner and Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks  discuss Public Measure #1, the Reckless Gun Amendment.  The event was put on by Iowans for Responsible Gun Laws.

They explain why everyone should turn their ballot over this November, and vote NO on Public Measure 1.

I’ve included some notes/highlights of comments by Maybanks and Gardner below the video. Visit Iowans for Responsible Gun Laws Facebook page for more information.

This amendment can nullify common sense gun laws that are on the books and nullify future laws that we might want to pass.

Iowa does not need strict scrutiny for gun owners. It needs common sense gun laws. Strict scrutiny will shoot down common sense gun laws.

What is happening in Linn county –

“As guns regulations have been weakened and eliminated here in the state of Iowa, Possession of Firearms as a felon or domestic abuse offender here in Linn county, for FY 2019 our office charged 15 of those crimes. We’re projected to charge 52 this next FY. For the felony offense of Going Armed With Intent in FY 19 we charged 7 of those crimes. We’re expected to charge 24 this year; we charged 30 lasts year. Intimidation With a Dangerous Weapon which involves the shooting or threatening to shoot firearms. In FY 2019 we charged 8 of those crimes. We’re projected to charge 28 this year.”

“This is a 300% increase in violence used by guns in the last 3 years in Linn county and a 350% increase for Intimidation With a Dangerous Weapon.”

This amendment would make it nearly impossible to pass commonsense gun laws.

Laws that could be STRUCK DOWN under Strict Scrutiny:

  • Possession of firearms by a felon or domestic abuse offenders; This law is supported by 80% of Iowans
  • Carrying firearms on school grounds
  • Carrying while intoxicated
  • Weapons free zones
  • Laws that make persons ineligible to carry firearms if they’re using drugs or have prior assault convictions
  • Laws that allow businesses to limit guns on their property
  • Universal background checks that has 85% support
  • Requiring gun safety courses
  • Extreme risk protection orders

Strict scrutiny prohibits current and future commonsense gun laws.

This amendment is being driven by the Iowa Firearms Coalition and the NRA.

Many people think strict scrutiny means stricter gun laws.  Strict scrutiny does not mean stricter gun laws. It means stricter judicial review that will make passing commonsense gun laws nearly impossible and will allow current gun laws to be challenged as unconstitutional. In other states with strict scrutiny millions in taxpayer dollars are spent on these court challenges.

A NO vote against strict scrutiny is a vote against increased gun violence in Iowa.

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