Ag-Gag Decision Huge Win For Workers And Free Speech

From our inbox:

We have exciting news – a U.S. district judge struck down Iowa’s unconstitutional ag-gag law yesterday! This is a huge win for food workers, advocates, and free speech itself.

This was the third time big ag and their bought-and-paid-for elected officials like Kim Reynolds tried to silence free speech on industrial ag facilities by criminalizing trespassing and recording of abuse by employers breaking the law.

Iowa CCI members helped lead the charge, with four members making declarations in the case that the judge upheld as us having “standing” – that we had sufficient cause to sue the state.

With this ruling, workers exposed to unsafe working conditions and whistleblowers will not be held liable for investigating and documenting evidence of facility conditions. It sends a clear message to employers that they will be held accountable for upholding abusive working conditions and putting profit over people.

The ability to investigate and document how our food is made is critical in ensuring a just and transparent food system that holds companies and government institutions accountable. We’re committed to fighting for a food and farm system that’s good for family farmers, workers, eaters and our environment.

We won’t back down from corporate ag bullies. We will always speak up and speak out for what’s right. Onward!

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