Ryan Melton Kills It On Iowa Press – Feenstra Couldn’t Be Bothered

Iowa 04, you need to ditch MAGATrump Republican Feenstra who refused an Iowa Press invitation to debate, and vote for this guy. As stated by Liz Cheney, Republicans need to vote for the Democrat if the only other choice is a Trump loyalist Republican. Vote for democracy. Vote for the good of Iowa. Watch this and see what Ryan Melton has to say. You will be surprised. No talking points. No politi-speak.  Just what he thinks.

Melton: Yeah, let me make clear again I’m talking about how I’m opposed to expanding corn ethanol because there’s bills in Congress right now that are wanting to expand ethanol blend up to 20%, 30%. I think there are a lot of deleterious impacts that would come from that. But as far as breaking through on messaging, I don’t have a paid Washington D.C. consultant that tells me what to say, I don’t have any paid consultants that tell me what to say. My words are my own. I have a master’s degree, I’m a smart guy. I can look at the data in front of me without bias, without corporate influence and make conclusions that I think are sound and reasonable. And so in this space as far as political messaging, I don’t say anything that I have first put through the ElectionTron 5000 to make sure that it appeases enough voters. I say the truth. I try to do the right things regardless. But in this case, go talk to a corn grower on the ground. Don’t talk to a processor, don’t talk to a fertilizer company, talk to a farmer on the ground. And ask them, okay, give me both a short, mid and long-term assessment of whether what you’re doing right now is ecologically and economically sound and they’ll tell you no, I’m really concerned, but I don’t have enough politicians that are talking about the nuance there and I don’t have enough politicians that are caring about funding trade development programs and market development programs beyond corn ethanol, so I’m really on shaky ground here. I need more brave people to stand up for me. And that is what I hear over and over again from democrats, republicans, independents and libertarians on the ground. And so I just speak the truth and that is what I’m going to keep on doing.

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