Help Sarah Trone Garriott Defeat Extremist Jake Chapman

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Please support Sarah Trone Garriott to defeat right wing extremist/Kim Reynolds crony, Jake Chapman in Iowa Senate District 14.  SD 14 covers the southeast portion of Dallas County.   Check out Sarah’s website here.  

From our inbox yesterday –

They say you are known by the company you keep. For Jake Chapman, this speaks volumes. Tonight, Chapman is attending a fundraiser with Governor Kim Reynolds at the home of the lobbyist for out-of-state venture capitalists who are buying up Iowa trailer parks,  jacking up the rents, and forcing residents out of their homes.

Jake Chapman and Kim Reynolds have a lot in common. They are both fighting tooth and nail to completely ban abortions without exceptions, support a private school voucher scam that will siphon money from public schools, and are relying on GOP megadonors to buy the election for them in November.

 Sarah is a pro-public school mom and ELCA minister running for re-election to fully fund public education and support our students, parents, and educators.

 This evening while Jake Chapman is rubbing shoulders with Kim Reynolds and her megadonors, Sarah will be picking up her kids from school and then heading home to call voters about the issues most important to them.

It’s going to take all of us to win in November. If you’re with us, will you donate $10 or $20 now to help re-elect Sarah?

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