Vote For Tom Miller The People’s AG

It was a disgraceful and disrespectful performance by Brenna Bird on Iowa Press. The Iowa MAGAs should be pleased!

According to Steve King’s former chief of staff Brenna Bird who is running for Attorney General, when Kim Reynolds says on the campaign trail she wants her “own AG!” she is only saying that “she wants an Attorney General who will work hard and do the job.”  Right. Wonder why Kim didn’t just say that instead of “I want my own AG!”  But at least Erin Murphy asked the question even though Bird’s lame response begged for a follow up that did not come.

In typical fashion the Republican got to say whatever she pleased with little push back from the panel probably because they were spending most of the time grilling and knit-picking Democrat Tom Miller. Bird also said she would sue the Biden administration if elected and there was the usual MAGA Republican nonsense. To be fair to the Iowa Press panel, they did ask her what she would sue Biden for.  Kudos for Iowa Press!

Let’s not give Kim Reynolds “her own AG” in the event she manages to get re-elected. Vote for Tom Miller for Attorney General of Iowa and for Deidre DeJear for governor.

Transcript from Iowa Press:  “Erin Murphy: Brenna Bird, Governor Reynolds on the campaign trail multiple times has told crowds and supporters that she wants her own Attorney General. If she is re-elected and if you are elected to this office, will you serve as the state’s attorney regardless of partisan and political issues? Or would you be the Governor’s essential personal attorney in that office?”

Her answer is what you would expect one to say who wants to get elected.

And somehow, this doesn’t look or sound like Kim only means she wants an AG that will work hard and do the job. Oh, and did I mention she wants her “own” state auditor too.

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