Iowa Workers Deserve Labor Union Appreciation Month


STATEMENT: Iowa Workers Deserve Labor Union Appreciation Month

Des Moines, Iowa — Focus on Rural America cofounder and former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge issued the following statement calling for Iowa leaders to proclaim September as Labor Union Appreciation Month:

“Iowa workers help feed and fuel the world. They educate our children and build innovative products that grow our economy. Throughout history, the fights led by our labor unions have ensured all workers are treated with fairness and respect. Organized labor has raised living standards and built our middle class.

Unfortunately, unions are facing more attacks than ever as Republicans gut collective bargaining rights and introduce unfair right-to-work laws. Those same Republican politicians are also letting wealthy corporations underpay Iowa’s workers while raking in record profits.

We must protect these rights and values, and reaffirm that collective bargaining is a cornerstone of the American dream. We can begin to do that by making September Labor Union Appreciation Month. It’s time we celebrate the tremendous contributions of working Iowans and do all we can to support them.”

You can find more information at about labor unions and how to advocate for making September Labor Union Appreciation Month.


Focus on Rural America is a nonprofit organization aimed at boosting progressive causes and organizations by developing and promoting economic messages that resonate in rural America.

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