“Conservatism Has Always Been Against Democracy”

Charles Blow is absolutely right about everything he says here but one thing.  His brushing off of the right wing propaganda machine’s role in our current national situation is not well informed. The propaganda machine has done much more than “led some people astray.” It was built purposefully by Republicans to influence elections. They have been growing it for the past thirty years and it has worked. Without it, there would still be right wing nuts, but there would not be enough of them to have the amount of political influence they currently hold. The propaganda is the reason elections are close. It is the reason Republicans have few consequences. It is the reason they can lie as much as they want no matter how obvious or outrageous the lie is. It is the reason we can’t agree on facts. Still, I get his point.  Charles Blow is right on and clearly articulates the truth about Republicans with no holds barred. Def worth a watch.

“They are trying to set up a system where they can have minority rule.”  – Charles Blow

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