Mike Franken Schools Grassley on Leadership on Iowa Press

There is no doubt Iowa needs Mike Franken to replace Chuck Grassley. On this weekend’s edition of Iowa Press Franken calmly and surely and without partisan talking points, showed viewers, in a way that the Iowa press has not, that Grassley is not doing his job in the office of senator. Asked about his reactions to January 6, Franken said:

Well, I don’t believe I’m much different from any Iowan who wants to ensure that we come clean if we think a transgression occurred. And everybody involved needs to come clean. What happened? Why was it, what occurred? What do you mean, Senator Grassley, that you thought Vice President Pence wasn’t going to be there and you would be president pro-tem? What did you really mean by that? How would you have ruled on the matters before you? What did you know? And don’t let your staff do this business. Walk in front of the committee, swear an oath and make a statement. Be a leader. Step out. You’re supposed to be that individual. You’re the senior Senator, almost in all of the Senate. Act like it. And he’s not. – Admiral Michael Franken

Erin Murphy wins worst questions this week attempting two gun related gotcha questions that failed because he didn’t do his homework and Franken wasn’t there to push BS. He actually knows stuff. And when he doesn’t he says so.

If you are interested the full transcript is available on Iowapbs.org. I bet Murphy does his homework first next time he plans to ask Franken a gotcha question. That said, it was really a pretty good program. Franken was very good and the Iowa Press panel seems to be improving somewhat. To our readers who say they stopped watching Iowa Press long ago because they are hostile to Democrats while sweet-talking Republicans, this one is relatively safe to watch.

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