Wanted: Democratic Candidates in Seven Iowa Senate Districts

Senator Rob Hogg

Important message from Senator Rob Hogg:

Help win back the Iowa Senate

After the primary, here is the lineup of Iowa Senate Democratic candidates who need your support.

Dear Iowans:

Now that the primary is over, it is time to support our Democratic candidates so we can win in November.

Statewide, our ticket is led by Admiral Mike Franken for U.S. Senate and Deidre DeJear for Governor. Please do what you can to support them by volunteering, speaking up, and contributing as you are able.

At the legislative level, here is the lineup of candidates who need our support so we can take back the Iowa Senate (by district, name, and city or town in the district, *incumbent):

SD1 – Jackie Smith* (Sioux City)
SD11 – Lisa Fleishman (Indianola)
SD13 – Matt Greiner (Ottumwa)
SD14 – Sarah Trone Garriott* (West Des Moines-Dallas County)
SD15 – Tony Bisignano* (Des Moines)
SD16 – Claire Celsi* (West Des Moines-Polk County)
SD17 – Izaah Knox (Des Moines)
SD19 – Tyler Stewart (Newton)
SD21 – Todd Brady (Ankeny)
SD23 – Matt Pries (Grimes)
SD25 – Herman Quirmbach* (Ames)
SD27 – Sam Cox (Grinnell)
SD30 – Whitney Mixdorf (Mason City)
SD31 – Bill Dotzler* (Waterloo)
SD33 – Matt Robinson (Dyersville)
SD37 – Molly Donahue (Marion)
SD39 – Liz Bennett (Cedar Rapids)
SD40 – Todd Taylor* (Cedar Rapids)
SD41 – Deb VanderGaast (Tipton)
SD42 – Jessica Wiskus (Lisbon)
SD43 – Zach Wahls* (Coralville)
SD45 – Janice Weiner (Iowa City)
SD46 – Kevin Kinney* (Oxford)
SD47 – Mary Kathleen Figaro (Bettendorf)
SD49 – Cindy Winckler (Davenport)

Because this is the first election under the new redistricting map, there are 34 seats in the Iowa Senate up for election. If Democrats can win 21 of those seats, we can force a 25-25 tie and give Democrats a meaningful say in state government again. If we can win more, we will be back in the majority. We need to reclaim a seat at the table for working families, public schools, women’s rights, health care, public health and safety, family farmers, and clean energy and clean water solutions.

In addition to the candidates who won their primaries, Democrats can still nominate candidates from Senate District conventions where we don’t yet have a candidate. I have been told that is already expected in two districts (SD29 which includes Waverly and SD35 which includes Clinton). Other districts where Democrats are still looking for Iowa Senate candidates include SD3 (Storm Lake), SD4 (Fort Dodge), SD5 (Emmetsburg), SD6 (Carroll), SD7 (Onawa), SD9 (Atlantic), and SD44 (Fairfield). If you hear of candidates who are seeking nomination by convention in those districts, please let me know.

So pick your favorite Iowa Senate Democratic candidates to support. In addition, you can contribute to Senate Democratic Leader Zach Wahls who can allocate those resources to the candidates who are most likely to win with extra help. (Senator Wahls currently does not have an opponent, and even if he did, he would be able to win without needing to spend contributions on himself.)

Here is a link where you can contribute to help Zach take back the Iowa Senate:

Please contribute today as you are able and help us take back the Iowa Senate.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 23, 6 p.m. – Nate and Maggie Willems are hosting a “meet and greet” for Congressional candidate Liz Mathis at their home, 321 3rd Street SW, in Mount Vernon. For more details, visit:

Friday, August 12, 5 p.m. – Mark your calendars now for the return of the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake and stay tuned for more details.

Please stay involved, help uplift our democracy, and let’s take back the Iowa Senate.


Senator Rob Hogg
Cedar Rapids
Telephone: (319) 247-0223
Email: SenatorRobHogg@gmail.com
Twitter: @SenatorRobHogg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoggforsenate/

“Over the long term, as a matter of economic security and national security and for the survivability of the planet, we all need to move as quickly as possible to clean, renewable energy. And we’ll work together to help get that done so that the days of any nation being subject to the whims of a tyrant for its energy needs are over. They must end.” – President Joe Biden, March 26, 2022

Rob Hogg is a State Senator from Cedar Rapids.
Contact Rob at SenatorRobHogg@gmail.com.

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