What Do Republicans Really Mean When They Say “Freedom?”

Let’s be clear. When Republicans talk about “freedom” what they really mean is they should be free to do whatever they want without being tethered by rules, regulations and laws that are there to create a fair and just society. By “freedom” they mean their morality is the only morality that should apply.  What others think and what works best for the common good is an infringement on their “freedom.”  By “freedom” they mean they should be “free” to impose their will on everyone else. They use the word “freedom” as a dog whistle to others who also want to have it their way or the highway and think rules should not apply to them.

So who wouldn’t want rules? Anyone who would be willing to and could get away with lying, cheating, stealing or killing wouldn’t want rules.

Republicans have abandoned Democracy. They now want you to think Democracy is bad because they don’t want to be constrained by majority rule. They don’t want to be constrained by what is best for everyone. They think what is best for them is Right. They think this for no rational reason. Something is Right because it is best for them. It’s really that simple. They have become amoral.  As a result, Americans are becoming less and less free in the true meaning of the word.

Thom Hartmann writes about this in his newsletter today. Check out and subscribe to Thom’s newsletter here.

And watch out for trolls. There are fake Democrats out there going after Democrats in full force right now. I’ve been spotting them more and more in unexpected places.


A nation cowering in fear of mass shootings is not free. Neither is a nation where a simple accident or illness can result in homelessness. Or a nation where a raped woman is forced to carry a pregnancy to term at the point of a gun.

Only when Big Gun, Big Pharma, Big Church, Big Insurance, Big Oil, and every other special interest group in America empowered by SCOTUS to corrupt our political system are brought back to heel will America become the “land of the free..”

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