Straight Talk From J.D. Scholten

J.D. Scholten

We need more common sense reps. like J.D. Scholten in the Iowa legislature – Check out J.D. on Twitter and or click on the link below to donate.

“I’m J.D. Scholten. I was born in Iowa and raised in Sioux City. I am running for Iowa House District 1 to ensure Iowans have every opportunity to succeed, whether that’s through quality education or an economy that supports workers and local businesses. I will always put Iowans first, and won’t cater to out-of-state special interests.”

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Ever wonder why there are so many extreme bills being passed across the country? It’s because Republicans control the majority of state legislatures. It’s no different here in Iowa, where Republicans control both the Iowa House and the Iowa Senate.

If Democrats had the majority, we wouldn’t have passed voter suppression legislation making it harder for Iowans to vote.

If Democrats had the majority, we would be working to support our public schools, not try to rob them of the funding they depend on and funnel it to private schools.

If Democrats had the majority, we would be working to raise the minimum wage for Iowa’s workers. We haven’t had a minimum wage increase since 2008, Trish! It’s long past time to get it done.

People often say that change happens at the local level. It’s true. If we want to change our communities for the better, we need to get more involved at the state and local level. It’s why I decided to jump in the race for Iowa State House District 1.

 Will you chip in $5 for our critical end-of-month fundraising deadline? Every dollar will go toward helping my campaign get out the vote ahead of election day.

 It’s time we Democrats make state and local races a top priority, and come together to fight for every single vote.

 Standing Tall for All
J.D. Scholten

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