Mike Franken Can Beat Grassley

Michael Franken

Campaign update from Mike Franken:

I have absolutely terrific news.

After March 31st, we are required by federal law to file a report showing how much our campaign raised in the first three months of the year.

Today, we filed that report, and I’m proud to announce that we raised $1.4 MILLION to defeat Chuck Grassley – more than any other candidate has reported during the entire campaign!

Over 36,000 donors made more than 51,000 donations with an average gift of just $27. I’m especially proud that not one dime of what we raised came from corporate PACS or special interests. My campaign is 100% funded by people like you. So thank you.

We are going to defeat Chuck Grassley and turn Iowa blue with a grassroots movement powered by people giving what they can, when they can.

The polls show we can win. The pundits say we must win. Now, we’re starting 2022 with the resources to do it.

Senate control is at stake here in Iowa. Of course, Mitch McConnell and his Super PACs are already circling. The numbers we announced today are going to send shock waves through Washington, but they also mean some right-wing billionaire is getting ready to sign another check to attack me with lie-filled ads.

The only way to fight back and win is with the continued support of people like you. Please, if you’re able, may I count on you to give a donation now to my campaign – whatever you can afford – to help me defeat Chuck Grassley, turn Iowa blue, and protect our Democratic majority in the Senate?


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