Democrats Are Under Attack In Iowa

Action alert from United Rural Democrats:

We are excited to announce the newest member of our board, Todd Prichard. Todd is a Democratic representative serving Iowa’s 52nd district in the Iowa House of Representatives. More importantly, he is one of the last rural Democrats in Iowa.

Democrats are under attack in Iowa. Chip in here to keep the progressive flame alive.

Rep. Prichard is a public school graduate, veteran, and lawyer. He has worked across the aisle on important issues like rural development, workforce training, veteran affairs, and public safety. But Rep. Prichard also understands the importance of promoting Democratic policies and investing in the next generation of Democratic voters.

That’s why we’re proud to have Rep. Prichard on our team as we work in his home state of Iowa and rural states across the country. Together, we will support Democratic candidates, policies, and voters in our shared mission to make sure rural America is prioritized in our political system.

Rep. Prichard has seen the challenges and backward policies that his Republican colleagues often bring to the table. But he also sees the way forward. Rep. Prichard can help us find the best way to connect with rural voters and win on the issues that these communities are most worried about right now.

We’re excited to learn from and welcome Rep. Prichard into our United Rural Democrats family. But we can’t accomplish these goals without your support, Patricia. Chip in here to help us advance a Democratic movement in rural America. 

United Rural Democrats (URD) is leading the effort to rebuild the Democratic Party in rural America. If we’re going to take back our country, we need a 50-state strategy to organize in every community across the country. Will you support our network of activists on the ground as we work to rebuild our party’s infrastructure and flip these areas blue?

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