Miller-Meeks Tries To Defend Mark Meadows

Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks

On this episode of Iowa Press we see that any Republican can go on the program and spout non-stop, nonsensical gibberish for 27 minutes without fear of someone calling them out or exposing them. O. K. Henderson tossed in a clarifying comment once regarding the number of times MMM ran for congress and lost (3) which MMM had tried to brag were “repeated primary wins.” Hilarious.  They did also ask her about moving to the new district and in the middle of a long disconnected string of reasons why this is okay she oddly pointed out that she has “a variety of housing options.”  Well, good for her.

But nothing really important that MMM tried to maintain was challenged by the hosts of Iowa Press such as her defense of Mark Meadows, for one.  I would not say she got the usual cadillac suck-up treatment they reserve for Republican guests. But they also didn’t bother to challenge her on very questionable assertions she tried to make. They brought up but didn’t press her on her lousy voting record.  The most damage they apparently felt they could do was to point out that she voted differently than Grassley (God) did on one of the votes and demanded to know why. Watch for yourself. It is less painful if you turn up the speed. 

Support Christina Bohannan!

Oh and btw, Christina Bohannan is a cool, smart,  highly qualified Democratic candidate from Iowa City running for congress in the new District 1. Please support Bohannan.  Let’s make MMM a one-term congress critter.

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