Messaging Expert Says Dems Need To Sell More Brownies

It’s all true, everything messaging expert Anat Shenker-Osorio explains in this video. But she basically does exactly what she says Democrats must stop doing, that is, getting too far into the weeds of policy and not talking about the product (that great tasting brownie) enough. Instead, she explains, Democrats are always talking about the brownie recipe.  Get it?  Beyond that,  not much practical help here, but still worth a listen.

Republicans poll test phrases and then they actually make sure everyone has the scripts so they all repeat these phrases over and over. That way, their politicians and supporters don’t have to think or work at how to apply this concept every time they want to make a point or write a letter to the editor. They just read their crib notes on the palm of their hand. Democrats probably need to do this too.

But it’s a little harder for us because we’re not lying. Unlike Republicans we actually want good public policy that will help average Americans. So we want to be able to explain policy ideas, whereas Republicans have nothing to offer so they make stuff up about Democrats. How hard is that?

It’s all good, everything Shenker-Osorio talks about here, but without top-down, organized messaging from someone on our side akin to the Koch Brothers, Frank Luntz, Fox News or Karl Rove, which we don’t have, we are likely to carry on in our usual bungling, unorganized, truthful fashion.

Let’s make sure that is still enough to win elections.


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