Build Back Better Huge For Rural Communities


And now a word from J.D. Scholten –

There has been a lot of wrangling back and forth in Congress, but the House finally passed the Build Back Better agenda! President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will be the biggest investment in rural America in my entire lifetime.

Here’s why this is going to be a huge deal for every rural community in America:

✅ Provides Universal preK for every 3 and 4 year old in America

✅ Expands the child tax credit to help parents make ends meet

✅ Lowers healthcare costs and improves Medicaid coverage

✅ Reduces the cost of prescription drugs, including insulin  

✅ Expands Medicaid coverage for elder care and for people with disabilities

✅ Assists farmers, forestland owners and ranchers in reducing carbon emissions

✅ Creates a Civilian Climate Corps to put people to work fighting climate change

Now, Build Back Better will head to the Senate for a final vote before it heads to the president’s desk. It is absolutely imperative that all 50 Senate Democrats pass this bill. After the Virginia election showed Democrats losing even more ground in rural areas, Democrats must show rural voters how their leadership will change their lives for the better.

The Build Back Better Agenda represents Democrats’ best chance at proving that they are the party that fights for working people. We must get it done!

Standing Tall for All
J.D. Scholten


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