State Auditor Report Finds “Horrifying” Results

Important information from the office of the Iowa State Auditor

On Wednesday, October 20th we at the Iowa State Auditor’s Office released a much anticipated report on Medicaid Privatization. Our review found horrifying results that give us a window into the real struggles for so many Iowans since 2016, and show that Iowa taxpayers are not getting what they are paying for:

-The number times independent judges ruled a denial of care was illegal went up 891%
-The number times independent judges ruled a denial of care was acceptable went down 72%
-Both private companies managing our Medicaid are violating their contracts
-One judge ruled that one of the companies used “gotcha” tactics on Medicaid recipients
-Our own DHS OK’d one company starting services despite an internal audit finding critical noncompliance

We reviewed tens of thousands of documents from the state, and subpoenaed thousands more from MCOs to uncover this information. It took a lot of work, but I’m proud of the staff in our Office for getting it done.

This isn’t a fundraising email. Just a notice of this important news and a request for you to share it far and wide so that more people learn the truth.

Thank you,


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