Budget Reconciliation Bill A Boon For Rural Communities

In a recent poll we commissioned, 68% of rural voters believe that when politicians say they want to help rural areas they’re just pandering with a nice message.

I get it. Politicians talk the talk, but many times they don’t deliver. Democrats can change this stigma by passing the budget reconciliation bill that will be a boon for rural communities.

The budget reconciliation plan will make a huge difference in people’s lives before the 2022 election rolls around, especially when you consider that the largest segment of the civilian workforce in rural counties is employed in education services, health care and social assistance industries.

And guess what? The poll we commissioned found that a majority of Rural voters support many of the provisions included in the budget plan:

59% support Universal Pre-k

64% support tax subsidies to help with child care

56% support paid family leave

From investments in child care to expanding Medicare coverage, voters will see firsthand how this bill positively impacts their lives. If Democrats want to make inroads with rural voters, they should absolutely pass the budget reconciliation bill.

It’s the bottom of the 9th inning and Democrats are at bat. They just got a fastball down the middle. They better hit a home run for American families.

Standing Tall for All
J.D. Scholten

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