Labor Day Message From IA-02 Candidate For Congress Christina Bohannan

Labor Day message from Christina Bohannan, Democrat running for congress in IA-02.

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about my dad. As a construction worker, he worked outside in the hot sun every day to support our family. Despite his hard work, we still had to scrape to get by.

When he got sick and was no longer able to work, his health insurance was cancelled and my family had to choose between paying for his medication and paying for everything else.

His story is like many Iowans’ — people who are working hard and still living paycheck to paycheck. Being part of a union would have given my dad the chance to work for a better wage, access to better healthcare, and more time with his family.

I am running for Congress to fight for people like my dad — people who work hard and deserve a fair shot at getting ahead without worrying about being one bad break away from not making ends meet. Delivering better wages, better job training, and better economic opportunity is central to this campaign.

Today I hope you will join me in celebrating the hard-fought workers’ rights won by the labor movement.

Tomorrow we get to work.

Christina Bohannan
Candidate for Congress

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