How Democrats Win The Rural Vote

JD Scholten Exec. Dir.

Listen up, everybody! JD knows what he’s talking about.

“As a party we rely too much on campaigns. We need infrastructure in place so we’re not reinventing the wheel every time.”  – J.D. Scholten

Check out this Majority 54 podcast The Rural Vote.

“For years, Democrats have been losing ground in rural America.

By 2040, it’s estimated that 70% of America’s population will be in just 15 states, meaning the Senate will be even more disproportionately representative of rural states.  J.D. Scholten, Executive Director of, joins the podcast to discuss how Democrats can win over this crucial demographic. J.D.  discusses the messages — and messengers — needed to make Democratic inroads to rural America.”

Click on the image to listen to the podcast

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