Republicans Are Why Iowa Can’t Have Nice Things

Does no one else find it strange, mind-boggling and infuriating that our governor REFUSED FEDERAL MONEY that is supposed to be helping Iowans?  Kim Reynolds said no thanks, we’re all fine,  especially those of us who live in the governor’s mansion and make regular appearances on Fox News.  Democratic candidates for office, please, please hammer this in your campaigns as an example of how one party rule is ruining our state.  Our Republican governor gave back money that belonged to Iowans. Money from the federal government that was intended for people.  How pathetically bad is that.  And from the Iowa press?  Crickets…

In May, Gov Reynolds promised Fox News she would reject $33 million a week in federal help for unemployed Iowa families. Now it’s happening.

But even then, Governor Reynolds admitted that Iowa has “more jobs available than we have people on unemployment.” BINGO! Iowa’s worker shortage is a chronic problem, not caused by pandemic relief.

Americans have choices…and Governor Reynolds keeps pointing out that Iowa is increasingly not a choice they like.

Young people especially simply don’t want to stay in, or move to, a state like what Iowa’s become, a state where the rights and wages of workers are constantly under attack.

Going on Fox News to reject help for working families may raise Gov Kim Reynolds’ profile with Republican donors, but she’s also making it harder to grow Iowa’s economy.


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