Deadline For Democracy: Massive Public Pressure Needed Now

Action alert from Indivisible:

This week, we’re taking over our usual newsletter’s slot with a big update: Today, we’re launching Deadline for Democracy, a movement-wide, all-hands-on-deck campaign to get the For the People Act passed in July.

The next six weeks will make or break the For the People Act. Our allies in the Senate are directly asking for a massive show of grassroots force. So here’s what we’re planning — a nationwide campaign called Deadline for Democracy during the July 4th Recess, which starts on June 28th, two weeks from today.

This outlines our very best assessment of where we stand on getting the For the People Act through the Senate, why we think that June and July are absolutely crucial, and what you can do about it. But as you’ve probably noticed, things are moving fast. So keep an eye out for more updates via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or text INDIVISIBLE to 97779 to be added to our rapid response text message list.

It’s time to dig deep and plan events that will attract the attention of activists, local media, and of course, your senators. This is a great opportunity to try something new and go as big and as bold as possible. We’re always blown away by Indivisibles; creativity, from cakes and chickens at town halls, coffins for democracy, to votercades and light brigades — it’s why we started Indivisible in the first place, and why we continue! Together, we were made for this moment.

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

  1. Check out the Deadline for Democracy website, with resources and materials to help you get up to speed. That’s where you can find and register events, see the full partner list, and more.
  2. Find an event near you and sign up to attend, then be sure to write it on your calendar (in ink!). No event nearby? Register to host one yourself. If you’re one of the thousands of people in all 50 states who pledged this month to take action during recess, this is the action for you!
  3. Read Ezra’s Medium Post about Joe Manchin. We know lots of folks are worried about Manchin, and we don’t blame you! Check out what Ezra had to say last week and let us know what you think.
  4. Sign up for Indivisible Texts: We send out breaking news and action alerts to our text message rapid response team. Text INDIVISIBLE to 97779 to join.
  5. Donate to Indivisible. Running digital ads, providing event merch, updating policy explainers, hosting maps and websites, and sending recruitment texts all cost money — plus all our ongoing expenses. We’re spending $505,154 to make Deadline for Democracy happen, so if you can, please chip in to make it and all our work possible.
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