Republicans Have 0% Approval Rating

In a sane and just world, that’s how it would be. But no, we now live in the  post-Trump era where Iowa Republicans are happily taking orders and actual laws from ALEC and the national Republican party. They apparently plan to upend Democracy and make the U.S. a one party state.  Their media has done enough twisting and distorting of reality that their voters are for whatever they do, largely because they have been brainwashed to hate and fear Democrats. No matter how bad Republicans are, it is all in the service of beating back the Democrats. So there’s never any question that the Trumpsters will turn on the party.

If you ever listen to right wing propaganda and conservative talk radio, this is the primary message:  Democrats are evil and scary socialist elites who hate you and think they are better than you and will ruin the country and so anything Democrats oppose is good and anything the Republicans do to oppose Democrats is good up to and including taking down Democracy. That’s it in a nutshell.

Democrats try, but good and honest people are no match for the level of evil currently being played out by the Republican party. They plan to criminally charge election officials – your friends and neighbors – who make honest mistakes. This is some kind of crazy.

Take it away, Senator Jochum!

Posted on: Iowa Senate Democrats Facebook page

Senator Pam Jochum, former President of the Iowa Senate, exposes the Iowa Republicans’ last day of session voter suppression bill.

The amendment clarifies who can return a ballot for a registered voter.

The person must be a registered voter in Iowa. A person can be an immediate family member which is defined as a someone in the within the fourth degree of consanguinity which extends out to a first cousin once removed or great-great grandparent. The delivery agent can only return a ballot so long as the person they are delivering for cannot deliver the ballot on their own due to blindness or disability.

A person can NOT deliver a ballot for someone if they are the voters’ employer, an officer or agent of the registered voters union, or a person acting as an actual or implied agent for a political party, or a candidate or candidate’s committee.

A delivery agent must fill out a form or receipt as prescribed by the Secretary of State. A delivery agent can only deliver two ballots per election. The delivery agent can NOT return the ballot to a mailbox or drop box and must return it to the county auditor’s office and must present an ID and must sign a statement saying they are eligible to return the ballot.

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