Biden’s Pro-Rural Agenda Could Win Democrats Rural Votes

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Commentary: Democrats Could Win Rural Votes Thanks to President Biden’s Pro-Rural Agenda. But There’s More Work To Be Done.

“To chart a path forward that could improve the quality of rural life and unite rural and urban allies, Rural Democracy Initiative, Family Farm Action, and joined forces to co-host a Rural Policy Summit. This virtual gathering convened rural advocates and policy experts, including organizers in Indigenous communities, healthcare advocates organizing in mountain communities, family farm advocates and rural educators in the Midwest, advocates for farm workers, and rural Black leaders from the South.

Today, we are releasing the result of that unique gathering: the 2021 Rural Policy Action Report, a comprehensive rural federal policy action agenda that reflects the wide diversity of rural people, rural needs, and rural experience.

The Report calls for action on four important pillars of specific investments, policy improvements and regulatory reforms that will improve the economy, infrastructure, and equity for diverse rural communities, including actions to:

  1. End historic discrimination
  2. Invest in rural communities, while creating millions of good jobs
  3. Rein in corporate monopolies and prioritize working people and locally owned businesses to level the playing field
  4. Build a rural economy that prioritizes community and is sustainable, not extractive…

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