Rob Sand Beats Iowa Press

Rob Sand: It was bizarre to me to see the governor of the state of Iowa say that’s the federal government’s job [Covid aid]. She’s elected to look out for the state of Iowa – to serve the people of Iowa and instead of Iowans getting what they need in this time of need she’s going to do with that money what she wants.

David Yepsen (getting his back up): Come on. You imply that she [Reynolds] doesn’t care.

Rob Sand: …I don’t know that we have to decide whether or not she cared. We can just look at what she did or didn’t do, and she didn’t do anything.

Seemingly intending to put Sand in his place Yepsen follows up with:

“Just what does the state auditor do?

And after Sand explains to the veteran Iowa government reporter what the state auditor does and doesn’t do, Yepsen comes back with “You are not a CPA and other auditors have been.. how’s that working out?.. and are you going to become a CPA or just work around it?”

Sand: We have more than twenty CPAs… This office also conducts fraud investigations and looks at issues of legal compliance. We need to balance that team out….we can’t have it be all CPAs. We want to also have folks in there with some legal and prosecutorial backgrounds.

Watch the video and enjoy several more slam dunks by State Auditor Rob Sand.

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