Private Company To Kick Iowans Off Of Food Assistance

Action alert from Senator Rob Hogg:

Help stop the Iowa Republican attack on food assistance

Please contact Iowa’s state legislators today to urge them to oppose Division XIII of Senate Study Bill 1267

Dear Friends:

This is a special action alert to ask you to speak up with Iowa state legislators to oppose Division XIII of Senate Study Bill 1276, the health and human service budget bill, that would take away food assistance from thousands of otherwise eligible Iowans.

The Iowa Senate may be voting on this bill as early as Wednesday.

Division XIII (which was previously passed by Republicans in the Senate as Senate File 389) would create new procedural barriers to food assistance and impose a new asset limitation ($2,250 for most households) for eligibility.

The Legislative Services Agency says that 1,466 Iowans would lose food assistance due to the new procedural barriers, and representatives of the private third-party company that wants to implement this proposal said it would take food assistance away from over 50,000 currently eligible Iowans.

Division XIII of SSB1267 would spend STATE dollars for a PRIVATE company to kick currently eligible IOWANS off of FEDERAL food assistance.

That’s bad for Iowa families who need food assistance. It’s bad for Iowa grocery stores who need customers. It’s bad for Iowa farmers who need markets. And it’s bad for our economy. Over 80% of Iowa households who receive food assistance have at least one person working.

We should be expanding food assistance, not taking it away.

Please contact all 50 state senators in Iowa to urge them to save food assistance for Iowans by dropping Division XIII of Senate Study Bill 1267:

Also, please contact your state representatives to oppose Division XIII. The Iowa House Human Resources Committee did not approve Senate File 389, and you can urge them not to allow the Senate to run it through a budget bill instead.

Thanks for speaking up. Let me know if you have any questions.


Senator Rob Hogg
Cedar Rapids
Telephone: (319) 247-0223
Twitter: @SenatorRobHogg

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