Is Kim Reynolds The Worst Governor Ever?

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This week, problematic Gov. Reynolds proved once again that she cares more for political games than saving lives.

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Gov. Reynolds put politics before saving lives this week after stating that migrant children are “not our problem.” By denying to help these children, and blaming Biden for this, Reynolds proved she needs to get her priorities straight. 

Reynolds gave $96,000 in bonuses to two employees running Iowa agencies this week, despite the fact that they already receive maximum state salaries. One individual was the coordinator for several no-bid contracts, which many viewed as problematic.

Gov. Reynolds proved she does not know best as over 850 Iowa City students are in quarantine, with more than 140 testing positive for COVID. In January, Reynolds pushed schools to open 100% and even stated that COVID-19 is not spreading in the classroom.

The right to choose is under attack as the anti-abortion amendment went through the Senate again with added language, stating it would protect mothers from expanding abortion efforts. This is shocking, as we know that outlawing abortion doesn’t stop abortion, it only stops safe abortion, causing pregnant women harm. 

Iowans protested several bills at the Capitol this week, including legislation increasing qualified immunity for police and giving protesters increased penalties. While legally protesting, one activist was arrested for assaulting a police officer; however, in the video an assault doesn’t seem to take place. Furthermore, these protesters were allowed to be in the Capitol and went through security as well.

Union leader Danny Homan and Democratic leaders stood up for workers at the Capitol this week following the murders of two correctional employees. Homan, AFSCME Council 61 president, urged Gov. Reynolds and Republican leaders to ensure correctional facilities are fully staffed and to give bargaining powers back to employees.

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